Cultivate Life Force Health System


Life Force

  • Life force is the animating factor that makes all of life possible.  You will experience a consistent impartation of life force consistently for the duration of your membership.

Personalized Energetic Remedies

Every member will be evaluated by our team and assigned energetic remedies tailored for their profile.

24/7 energetic balance

Each member will be connected to their tailored information and life force flow from the Cultivate Life Force Health System all day everyday.

No product to use

There are never any supplements required in the Cultivate Life Force Health System.  Your life force and personalized information are connected to you for the life of the membership. 


Three Layers of Energetic Influence

When we combine precious life force, Universal Codes and Personalized Codes, we provide care unlike anything in the world.

The life force nourishes our very being, which allows the entrainment information provided by the codes to be used more easily.  It requires quite a bit of life force to make energetic corrections in the body and without it, the body can struggle to use the information received.  

This lack of life force is often the inhibiting factor in the utilization of supplements.  With our Health System, we provide the life force throughout your time in the Cultivate Life Force Health System.



Since I have been a member of Cultivate Life Force Health System, I've had much more energy and I have slept better.  Handling stress has also been easier.  

Regina C

I have known and been treated by Keith for almost 10 years now. When entering my first treatment, I was the utmost skeptic and dared him to make me a believer. In the last 10 years, I have seen time and again the ability of Keith and Angel to treat in a manner far deeper reaching than any doctor could understand or explain. They have more than made a believer out of me, as I can give example after example of very specific results to treatment. They aren't treating symptoms, they are connecting with the body to have it work the way the it was divinely created to work. I know that what they are doing is making a difference in the lives of those that they treat, whether physically or one much deeper level, healing is happening under their direction and practice. Thank you Keith and Angel, for every bit of help, peace, healing, and friendship that you have given me.

Anthony D
Professional Musician

I’ve been a member of the Cultivate Life Force Health System since February 11th and have experienced the following:


   1.  An overwhelming urge to pray, as if it was imperative urgent and lasted two days.


   2.  Peaceful through situations and circumstances that would have caused stress


   3.  Ability to confront some things that I would usually avoid.


   4.  Upper right quadrant pain has lessened


I had to stop and really think about what was different with me when everything around me has remained constant. It wasn’t until I watched Keith’s live webinar, that I realized it was the senergy of the group. All the external things hadn’t changed, but internally I had changed. I’m working my way up to performing the Pangu Shengong and I’m almost there. This change has pushed me to go for even more hours a day. I’m accomplishing RESULTS!! Thanks team Qi

Pamela T.



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